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    ZIA - DISEVOLUTION (1998) (remixes of Disevolve)
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The original version of Disevolve can be found on rare copies of ZIAv1.0 - 1.5, however, this song was eventually removed from the final version of ZIAv1.5. A newer version of Disevolve is on the EP SHEM. Disevolve was the last of the "screaming songs". With industrial, IDM and goth influences, these quality remixes of Disevolve should not be overlooked! lyrics

1. Disevolve (19 tet) (original mix from SHEM EP) - written and produced by Elaine Walker, co-produced by Jeff Biegher and Peter Moore
2. Disevolve (clouded) - Gair Marking and Dominick Annuzzi
3. Disevolve (purity mix) - Gair Marking and Dominick Annuzzi
4. Disevolve (a new mandkind) - reconstructed by Alexx Reed of Thou Flaming Minister
5. Disevolve (clouded voyeur mix) - Dominick Annuzzi

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