drum n space

An Epic Space-Rock-Opera!
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ZIA's 2011 Drum'N'Space album features all new songs and will be a delight for anyone interested in microtonal tunings. This is ZIA's first all-microtonal album, and it is the first release of a brand new label, Microtonal Records! Drum'N'Space is part of an epic space-rock-opera in the works. lyrics

Composed and Produced by Elaine Walker
Mastered by John Herrera at Clamsville Studios
Glass/Csound track in Champagne by Tobias Enhus
Drums in The Beginning and Happiness by Mark Sandstorm
Drums in Space Battle by David Suriano
Drums in Wormhole & Greater Good by Gary Vitagliano
Artwork by Tom Gordon

All songs © 2011 ZIA (ASCAP) All rights reserved