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NEXT XEN (2016)

Listen and download on Split-Notes!
Next Xen is a compilation album that unshackles music from a 200 year old ball and chain. Western music theory says that there are 12 equal notes, and for some reason it’s a taboo to break out of this. But what if you want to hear 13? Or even 100 notes, all of different sizes? Such music would be called microtonal, xenharmonic, or just “xen.”

If you’re unfamiliar with the sound of microtonal music, then a good first step is to ask yourself “does this sound out of tune to me?” Out-of-tune-ness is a variable that xen musicians play with for creative and expressive effect. This isn’t a negative thing – xen music is often MORE in-tune than regular 12-tone music!

Next Xen explores microtonality while staying groove-based and accessible. So while you experience previously-unheard melodies and harmonies, the styles and forms will be familiar. Next Xen mixes psych rock, funk, hip hop beats, house, dub and drum & bass with the tuning systems of imaginary places. It’s a free download from the split-notes netlabel.