Photo credit: Mars Institute (NASA Haughton-Mars Project, Devon Island, High Arctic)

The goal is humans living, working and playing in space.

Since the mid 1990s I have been active in the pro-space community. Here is my space resume.
Some of my most exciting experiences have been with the Mars Institute and the NASA Haughton-Mars Project, which you can read about here.

The NASA Haughton-Mars Project (HMP) is an international interdisciplinary field research project centered on the scientific study of the Haughton impact structure and surrounding terrain, Devon Island, High Arctic (75 degrees N), viewed as a terrestrial analog for the Mars. Visit the main site ----> The HMP is also featured on NASA’s Analog website.

I am the Education and Outreach Coordinator for the Mars Institute, which manages and operates the HMP with support from the SETI Institute, NASA, the CSA, and other organizations. My duties have included reporting on the many science projects being conducted during the HMP field season on Devon Island. I participated in the
2003, 2004, 2008, 2009 and 2010 field seasons. Here are some fun and informative videos I did while I was there.

I wrote this article for, February 8, 2005 ---->
The Haughton-Mars Project: Summertime on a Planet Close to Home

Martians is the title track for ZIA’s 2006 album. The video was filmed during the HMP 2003 field season to promote the idea of humans living on Mars to the pop culture, as a education outreach endeavor. The experience was along the lines of trying to film a pop music video on the International Space Station, while being mindful not take the scientists away from their duties. I am the only one in the video except for a short cameo by Pascal as a robotic driver. It was cold. The helmet helped to keep the heat from escaping out of my head. Hamilton Sundstrand was working on space-suit communications that season and they insisted on cutting more breathing holes in my helmet. So I am proud to say that my ventilation system was designed by Hamilton Sundstrand.

To learn more about what I have done in the past as a pro-space activist, read my
Space Resume.